What Is A Lull Forklift?

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In industries that require heavy lifting and maneuvering of materials, having the right equipment is crucial for productivity and safety. One such versatile and efficient machine that has revolutionized material handling is the Lull forklift. With its unique design and capabilities, the Lull forklift has become a preferred choice for various applications. In this blog post, we will delve into the features, benefits, and applications of the Lull forklift, highlighting its contribution to enhancing operational efficiency in diverse industries.

What Is A Lull Forklift?

The Lull forklift, also known as a telehandler or telescopic handler, is a specialized type of forklift that combines the functionalities of a crane and a forklift. It is designed to lift heavy loads and extend its reach horizontally, making it highly versatile for a wide range of applications. The primary distinguishing feature of the Lull forklift is its telescopic boom, which allows for enhanced reach and maneuverability compared to traditional forklifts.

Key Features And Benefits

  1. Telescopic Boom: The telescopic boom of the Lull forklift enables it to reach greater heights and extend its reach horizontally. This feature is particularly advantageous in applications where materials need to be lifted or placed at elevated positions or in confined spaces.
  2. Load Capacity and Stability: Lull forklifts are built to handle heavy loads with ease. They offer substantial lifting capacities, allowing for efficient material handling in industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and warehousing. Additionally, these forklifts are designed with stability in mind, ensuring safe operation even when handling bulky or unevenly distributed loads.
  3. Versatility: The Lull forklift’s versatility sets it apart from conventional forklifts. It can perform various tasks, including lifting, stacking, reaching, and towing, making it a multi-functional machine suitable for diverse job site requirements. The ability to interchange attachments further enhances its versatility, enabling operators to adapt to different tasks efficiently.
  4. Enhanced Reach and Maneuverability: The telescopic boom allows the Lull forklift to extend its reach horizontally, making it ideal for loading and unloading materials from trucks or reaching over obstacles. This feature enhances maneuverability in tight spaces and eliminates the need for additional equipment, thus increasing productivity and reducing overall operational costs.

Applications Of The Lull Forklift

  1. Construction and Building Sites: Lull forklifts are extensively used in construction projects for material handling tasks such as lifting heavy loads, placing construction materials at heights, and transporting supplies across the site. Their ability to navigate uneven terrains and access confined spaces makes them invaluable in construction applications.
  2. Agriculture and Farming: The Lull forklift plays a crucial role in the agricultural sector, assisting with tasks such as loading and unloading heavy bales, transporting feed and equipment, and working in barns or storage facilities. The telescopic boom allows farmers to reach high stacks or load materials onto trucks with ease.
  3. Manufacturing and Warehousing: In manufacturing and warehouse settings, the Lull forklift streamlines operations by efficiently moving and stacking pallets, transporting materials between production lines, and reaching high racks for storage. Its versatility and lifting capacity make it an indispensable tool for maintaining smooth and organized logistics.
  4. Utilities and Maintenance: The Lull forklift’s maneuverability and reach make it valuable for utility maintenance tasks. It can be used to lift equipment, access utility poles, or handle heavy components in power plants, telecommunication facilities, and municipal maintenance operations.


The Lull forklift stands out as a versatile and efficient material handling solution, combining the capabilities of a crane and a forklift into a single machine. Its telescopic boom, impressive load capacity, stability, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries. Whether in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, or maintenance operations, the Lull forklift offers enhanced reach, maneuverability, and productivity, contributing to streamlined operations and improved efficiency. With its ability to tackle diverse tasks with ease, the Lull forklift continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the material handling needs of modern industries.

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What Does Lull Stand For On A Forklift?


The lull is a type of material handler equipment often seen in agriculture and manufacturing. The material handler AKA lull is also known as telehandlers or tele-loaders. Mainly used in agriculture and manufacturing, a material handler – or lull – has been seen on construction sites more often in recent years.

What Is Another Name For Lull Forklift?

A telescopic handler, also called a lull, telehandler, teleporter, reach forklift, or zoom boom, is a machine widely used in agriculture and industry.

Why Is A Telehandler Called A Lull?

The Lull telehandler was created in 1959 by Legrand “shorty” Lull in Minnesota. His company became Lull Engineering Inc in 1963, then was acquired by Stamatakis Industries before declaring bankruptcy in 1992.

What Are 3 Types Of Forklift Trucks?

Types & Fundamentals » Forklift Classifications

  • Class I: Electric motor rider trucks.
  • Class II: Electric motor narrow aisle trucks.
  • Class III: Electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks.
  • Class IV: Internal combustion engine trucks (solid/cushion tires)
  • Class V: Internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic tires)


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